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Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain.

We are a collaboration of individuals, professionals, and organizations in Spain, committed to upholding and sharing the legacy of Al-Andalus. We welcome travelers from all over to discover this legacy through our educational tours, workshops, and events. Our services cater to Muslims, offering Halal meals and a healthy, family-friendly environment.

Al-Andalus Experience set out in 2007 in collaboration with 'Círculo Nazarí de Granada' Cultural Organization project in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. We welcome, assist and guide travelers from all over the world to to discover the secrets of Muslim Spain, al-Andalus, its heritage, tradition and their influence upon ourselves and the world today.

Events within select settings of Andalucia or beyond! Resources and solutions to your service. Al Andalus Tours, carefully planned out and scheduled for families, institutions and organizations. Workshops in traditional arts & crafts scheduled towards your group tour or event.

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    Local Muslims Assisting Muslim Travelers, unofficially since 1994.

    Upholding and sharing the legacy of Al-Andalus.Discover our educational tours, workshops, and events. Visit Andalusia and Spain; travel in time to Al-Andalus & Iberia by the hand of first and second generation Muslims in Andalusia, to find a unique insight into Islamic heritage, Iberian tradition, anthropology and roots.

    Al-Andalus City Guides & Halal Service Reviewers.

    We are particularly interested in promoting the spiritual heritage of Al-Andalus. Present as a stark reality, alive and timeless. Our Andalusi ancestors are honoured through memorising their history and traditions. We are able to unearth the secrets of Muslim Spain only if we intend to seek a historical vision with sincerity, a positive and unbiased spirit.

    'Al-Andalus Experience' is now 'ACG & HSR' Travel Agency in Andalusia, Spain

    CIAN: 168356-2.
    Officially operating since 2007, unofficially since 1994. we are happy to inspire others to revive the memory & tradition of al-Andalus. Please contact us for partnership or collaboration, we offer strategies providing benefits and ease in a manner of courtesy, inspired by'Tawheed'.

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    E: contact@alandalus-experience.com

    Al-Andalus City Guides & Halal Service Reviewers.

    Local Muslims Assisting Muslim Travelers, unofficially since 1994.

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